Painting Scenery – Hobby Progress 31/07/19

I decided on a change of pace for my next painting project. Something with less pressure that I would be ok with if it didn’t turn out perfect. So I pulled out my Azyrite Ruins that came with my Realm of Battle: Blasted Hallowheart board and painted them following this Warhammer TV painting guide: Continue reading “Painting Scenery – Hobby Progress 31/07/19”

Using the new painting system – Hobby Progress 25/07/19

After two-ish months away from painting I am feeling a bit rusty but a lot has changed during my short break from the hobby.

Citadel revamped their paints range, releasing Contrast Paints into the wild. Which are essentially a base coat and highlight layer in one. Citadel also threw a couple of new painting standards at hobbyists at the same time too. Now instead of, “Done” and “Not Done” we have, “Battle Ready” and “Parade Ready.”

Parade Ready is the traditional completed model painted to a high standard with all its highlights, washes, basing, etc. Battle Ready is just your core colours and a basic basing pass, typically achieved with the new Contrast Paints. Perfect for people just getting started in the hobby and/or wanting to get things onto the gaming table ASAP.

I wanted to get to grips with the new paints and standards. So I set myself a mission: Get the Sylthaneth from the Looncurse box Battle Ready as quickly as possible.

I am very happy to say the mini challenge was a success! I now have a small Battle Ready Sylthaneth army that looks good. Really good. Without doing any highlighting or other work…yet. That will come later because I can’t help myself.

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I actually finished some stuff! – Hobby Progress 28/5/19

The past couple of weeks of my Warhammer time have been very productive. I’ve been going through one of those periods of lighting focus on all things Warhammer. Which has meant me actually finishing multiple things which makes a nice change from my usual slow and steady pace. The current productivity boom has culminated in the above photo which I put together as part of my submission to the photography club where I work. The theme for the month was “Toys and War” so I naturally gravitated to the best toys I own that are all about war.

That’s not all I got finished though!

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Grots! Grots! Grots! – Hobby Progress – 12/5/19

The birth of my son put a hold to my hobby work for a good 2 months and I am only now getting back into the swing of things. It helps that he is a good sleeper so I can often get him settled in his camp cot next to me while I work which is great.

Recently I’ve turned my attention back to my Gloomspite Gitz army. Above is my current progress on a unit of Stabbas for my fledgling green tide. What makes these guys and my Gloomspite army as whole very different from my usual approach to Warhammer is that this is the first time I am creating my own colour scheme for an army. I’ve always liked the idea of doing it but have previously been put off by my lack of painting skill and the time investment required to create a good colour scheme. My parental leave however gave me some time (mainly during baby naps!) to really dig into colour theory, experiment a bit and come up with what you see above.

These guys are about 2/3rds done and I am really liking the results so far, the purple robes in particular have come out better than I was expecting. Hopefully working well with the yellow bad moon iconography and bright blue highlights on the ropes (that I still have to add). I’ve learnt so much just working on this one unit and while it has taken a lot longer than I would have liked to paint them the results speak for themselves.

I’ll share the full paints list once they are finished and looking their best. It is a scheme I will be carrying forward in various ways across my Gloomspite army and I am already starting to formulate the background for my Skrap of Grots. Something which for me is arguably more exciting.

The Waaagh! returns! – Hobby Progress 5/3/19


I’ve had some other commitments that pulled me away from my precious hobby time recently. So while I still have the Gloomspite Gitz Battletome and two issues of White Dwarf to read, this week is all about clearing some of my miniatures backlog. Primarily getting everything I have been sitting on for the past few months assembled.

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Painting Steelheart’s Champions

Painted by following Duncan’s YouTube painting guide with a few tweaks here and there so that they fit in better with the rest of my Stormcast Eternals. It was actually the first time I have been using a guide and decided to do a couple of tings differently. One without completely ruining the model, two because I saw an opportunity to try something different.

Overall I’m impressed with the final result. I took my time with these three because I’ll be using them for both Age of Sigmar and Shadespire. There are some minor mistakes here and there that I didn’t have the will power to correct because they are only really going to be noticed by me. The mistakes were few and far between though because I am slowly gaining more control with the brush.

One of the other more noticeable improvements I’ve made in my painting skills is my edge highlighting is way better than it was even a few weeks ago! My understanding and ability with core painting techniques improves with each model and with units like this it makes all the hard work worth it!