Bishop’s Stumblers Vs Lovehaven Dancers


There have been some improvements in my tactical playing since my last game! YAY! The learning curve for competitive Blood Bowl may be erratically steep but it feels like I’m getting somewhere despite losing another match. I managed to control the board more than usual, caused a lot of casualties (it is the Dwarven way after all!) and even managed to make two breaks for the end zone with both being stopped at the last moment.

Playing against an Elven Union team made for a surprisingly balanced match against my Dwarves. While the Lovehaven Dancers could move a lot and easily get the ball into position, they are very….squishy. Five casualties inflicted in a game squishy. My opposing coach, Colin kept me on my toes with some spectacular moves, especially when he quickly turned my failed attempt to score a touchdown into one of his own. Something I will be looking out for in future games against pesky elf teams! The second touchdown came from some Nuffle induced chaos in the form of a Pitch Invasion which took out my rearward ball handling (heh) players. The Dancers quickly sprinted down the board and after a messy skirmish got the ball and scored.

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Bishop’s Stumblers Vs Deadicated Few

Nuffle wasn’t really on my side on Tuesday. The Deadicated Few travelled to the Bishop’s Stumblers home turf and ended up beating my dwarves 0-4. It is was interesting going up against an Undead team because they share a few similarities with Dwarves. They are mostly slow, have low agility and tend to favour hitting things until they stop moving. A match made in heaven.

Normally I’d be happy to lose one or two of my players as I’d likely take out the same amount or more from my opponent. Which happened last night, but the undead have an ace up their sleeve, Regeneration. A pesky skill that has a chance of negating casualties on players. A skill that worked overtime last night to keep the undead horde on the pitch and whittling down my numbers until I had a measly four dwarves on the pitch by the end of the game. Lack of players, some bad luck and as usual some silly decisions on my part all coalesced into a fun game with a bad outcome for me at least.

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So I’ve joined a Blood Bowl League

The league format

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks! Not only did I finally attend a London Warhammer Gaming Guild session to play my first full game of Age of Sigmar. (I lost but will do better next time!) I also managed to sneak into this year’s Blood Bowl, Dragon Bowl League in a last minute spot opening.

Blood Bowl is perhaps my favourite Games Workshop product. It has a certain charm to it and once it gets you it is hard to shake it off. The hay day of the 3rd Edition happened when I was the perfect age and since then it is a game that has stuck with me like no other. Now that it has been brought back into the fold by GW for the past couple of years it felt right to try giving the gaming scene for it a go while also pursuing Age of Sigmar. With the London Warhammer Gaming Guild the Dragon Bowl League I seem to have stumbled upon a best case scenario because it is a league and group that caters to all tastes.

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Painting Steelheart’s Champions

Painted by following Duncan’s YouTube painting guide with a few tweaks here and there so that they fit in better with the rest of my Stormcast Eternals. It was actually the first time I have been using a guide and decided to do a couple of tings differently. One without completely ruining the model, two because I saw an opportunity to try something different.

Overall I’m impressed with the final result. I took my time with these three because I’ll be using them for both Age of Sigmar and Shadespire. There are some minor mistakes here and there that I didn’t have the will power to correct because they are only really going to be noticed by me. The mistakes were few and far between though because I am slowly gaining more control with the brush.

One of the other more noticeable improvements I’ve made in my painting skills is my edge highlighting is way better than it was even a few weeks ago! My understanding and ability with core painting techniques improves with each model and with units like this it makes all the hard work worth it!

Age of Sigmar What to Purchase After Soul Wars

While I am very much enjoying building all my Soul Wars box minis and reading the Core Book for Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition the pull of new purchases is being felt. As ever with a big Games Workshop release there has been a steady stream of new model kits being unleashed for both the Stormcast Eternals and the Nighthaunt. There are new hero characters, new basic units and lots of cool stuff in between. It is enough to bankrupt anyone!

Thankfully I am being a bit more sensible in my approach to Age of Sigmar so from the many new and shiny things I want to buy I have ended up going for the more cost effective option and one little extra.

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Hobby Goals

One thing I always struggle with when the siren call of Games Workshop’s miniatures draw me back into their hobby filled cave is setting goals for myself. Goals that would get me into the hobby fully and keep me engaged long term.

Let me know if any of the following process is even vaguely familiar to you:

  1. A big and shiny new Games Workshop product is announced, usually a new edition or revamp of a game you dabbled in as a kid.
  2. The new streamlined gameplay appeals and the miniatures, my god the miniatures look far to good to be real. Also the price is high but not crazy high, you can actually afford it if you budget yourself for a month or two.
  3. The shiny new product comes out, you run to the store and buy it with exited glee. No awkward, “I’m just killing some time” conversations with the Warhammer Store staff this week. You’re on a mission and the goal is BUY THE THING! (And maybe some paints, and an accessory, okay two to three accessories, and I guess you need a new S Layer brush and those add-on packs could be useful, and, and, and…)
  4. You get home then dig out your hobby tools and paints box. Some of the paints are a bit dry but they will be fine.
  5. You build all of the things in the shiny new product, constantly marvelling at the craft of how everything fits together and the crazy amount of detail. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO USE GLUE ANYMORE!!
  6. You prime the models and leave them to dry dreaming of the tabletop possibilities they are about to unleash on your pitiful mortal life.
  7. You start painting some of the miniatures. You’re rusty at first but it slowly comes back to you, Warhammer TV is your favourite YouTube channel again and you are already planning on naming your offspring after Duncan.
  8. As you paint some of the miniatures you read the rules during breaks and get really exited to play.
  9. You drag your significant other to the table and play a test game with your half painted and unpainted miniatures. It’s fun but a few rules problems popped up that you need to dig into and your S/O enjoyed the game but clearly doesn’t want to play it again. It is just not their thing, fair enough.
  10. You pack everything away and don’t look at it until step one rears its head again a year or two later.

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Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – The new gateway drug of choice

Oh mamma Kill Team is one nice looking game. I thought my first post on this blog would be about getting back into the swing of things after a long absence from the hobby but the Warhammer Community team just had to go and drop an info bomb on the upcoming 40K skirmish game, Kill Team!

The short version of all this news is that this is the new stepping stone game to help get eager hobby gamers into 40K. Kill Team is serving a similar function to Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire acting as an entry point to Age of Sigmar setting. The ruleset is even being crafted by the Shadespire team. Kill Team promises tight skirmish based gameplay with small squads of 40K models battling it out across small-ish terrain packed game boards. It also naturally supports open, narrative and matched play with Games Workshop already committing to offering organised play. So yeah, this is the new big game from GW and they mean business.

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