Warhammer 40,000 & Magic: The Gathering – The Perfect Match

GWMTG Feb25 Marine74h41

On the 25th February 2021 Games Workshop and Hasbro did the unthinkable. They announced a partnership between Warhammer 40,000 and Magic: The Gathering. With a set of 40K themed cards coming to the world’s most well known collectable card game. As part of a new Universes Beyond line of cards for Magic which will see the game having cross overs with other IP. Like Fortnite but for collectable cards!

I’ve been playing Magic on and off for almost as long as I’ve been playing Warhammer. It is one of those ever present games in my life. I may take a few years off playing it but I know its there waiting for me to come back. So combining Magic and Warhammer together is the perfect match for me. A unique pairing of two things I like that will hopefully lead to some fun cards and 40K inspired mechanics being added to Magic, at least for a time.

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