Painting Scenery – Hobby Progress 31/07/19

I decided on a change of pace for my next painting project. Something with less pressure that I would be ok with if it didn’t turn out perfect. So I pulled out my Azyrite Ruins that came with my Realm of Battle: Blasted Hallowheart board and painted them following this Warhammer TV painting guide: Continue reading “Painting Scenery – Hobby Progress 31/07/19”

I actually finished some stuff! – Hobby Progress 28/5/19

The past couple of weeks of my Warhammer time have been very productive. I’ve been going through one of those periods of lighting focus on all things Warhammer. Which has meant me actually finishing multiple things which makes a nice change from my usual slow and steady pace. The current productivity boom has culminated in the above photo which I put together as part of my submission to the photography club where I work. The theme for the month was “Toys and War” so I naturally gravitated to the best toys I own that are all about war.

That’s not all I got finished though!

Continue reading “I actually finished some stuff! – Hobby Progress 28/5/19”