My Warhammer Accounts – The Future of The Game?

When the first info dump about the new Warhammer 40,000 app was released, I was instantly drawn to the line about redeeming single use codes for codexes (codexi? codecies?) via a My Warhammer account. It may be yet another set of login details in my password manager but My Warhammer is hopefully something more than that.

Today’s Warhammer Community post about My Warhammer is to announce that the new account site is live and eager players can sign up right away. It is super bare bones at the moment but the move to have it up for sign ups will help mitigate any launch day problems for the new 40K app. The post also drops some hints about what exactly My Warhammer accounts will be used for.

Initially My Warhammer will be for the new 40K app and account management for and A single login for all your Warhammer buying and a one stop shop for all your Warhammer content……I hope.

For the promise of My Warhammer to be fulfilled the team at Games Workshop in charge of it are going to have to do a lot of wrangling. It is clear My Warhammer accounts are a way for Games Workshop to bypass having to give Apple, Amazon, etc. a cut on digital purchases within apps like the new one for 40K and the current on for Age of Sigmar. However there are a lot of people that might suddenly find themselves at odds with this new approach. One thing that has not been answered is how My Warhammer will handle users that have been buying digital Warhammer stuff for years already.

I currently use the Age of Sigmar app, a lot. I buy all my Battletomes, rule books and expansion rules through it. I have also had an active Azyr subscription for the past 3-ish years. Even though it is far from perfect, I love the app. I have also bought a bunch of ebooks via the Black Library website and use the Black Library Audio app. It annoys me having to jump around multiple sites and apps but it works.

Here is what worries me with the move to My Warhammer:

  1. I won’t be able to merge my existing Games Workshop accounts into a My Warhammer account.
  2. I won’t be able to transfer my existing digital purchases to the new service which would mean I have to fragment my digital library going forward.
  3. It will just a glorified login service.

The first worry isn’t too bad, so I’ll have to re-enter my address and payment details the next time I get the urge to add something to one of my armies, or by a hard copy of a book. No biggie there. However if I cannot merge my existing accounts, then the second worry becomes a big problem for me.

It would be great to transfer all my AoS digital book purchases to My Warhammer so I could read them on other devices apart from my iPad. Giving people easier access to their stuff is a no brainer and works wonders for services like ComiXology in the world of digital comics books. Same goes for the Black Library ebooks and audiobooks I’ve purchased over the years.

Please free my digital wares from the shackles of their bespoke apps!

Let me manage and experience them via a single unified cross platform account! We know that is what we are getting with the new 40K app. Just put the extra leg work in to reward customers that have been buying digital goods for years already.

If not, the third worry becomes a reality. My Warhammer just becomes that annoying extra step you have to do to buy something. While long time digital customers either actively avoid using the service or have a continuous negative user experience with it.

I can see the potential of My Warhammer becoming another pillar of the Games Workshop experience. A place that houses all my purchases and more. The Warhammer Community post mentions achievements and profile pages. Both of which give me hope that this is what I think it is. It could either be great or a hot mess. I admit this is all speculation on my part but my worries are the sort of things that caused many similar account services to fall flat.

Please be good. Please be good. Please be good.

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