Path of Anvils Campaign Rules

Path of Anvils campaigns centre around mighty Champions leading ferocious warbands into vicious combat in the Age of Sigmar. Champions fight each other and gather followers to join them in their quest for glory, taking advantage of this age of unending battle to win glory and renown.

Campaign Setup

In order to take part in a Path of Anvils campaign, you will need two or more players. All players will need to have to create one Champion using the Anvil of Apotheosis rules, and must then create a warband to follow and fight beside their champion during the campaign.

The players fight battles against each other using the warbands they have created. The results of these battles will gain their warband favour. The warband will grow in numbers as a player’s champion grows in strength. With more warriors marching under their banner and existing troops becoming more powerful.

After a your champion gains enough power or your warband earns enough favour or grows in size to dominate all others through sheer weight of numbers, you will be granted a final test. Succeed, and your glory will be affirmed for all time, and you will be crowned as the victor of the campaign.

Step 1 – Forging Champions

Your warband is going to need a champion to lead it! Use the Anvil of Apotheosis rules found in the Generals Handbook 2020 to create your champion.

Rules Changes

  • Players are limited to spending 20 destiny points to create their champions.
  • Make a note of any unspent destiny points on your Warband Roster.

Step 2 – Creating Warbands

Now that you have a mighty champion they are going to need a warband to lead! Pick an allegiance that matches with your champion and write it on your Warband Roster. Use the Path to Glory rules from the Battletome that matches your allegiance to create a warband.

e.g. A Grot champion will use the Path to Glory rules in the Gloomspite Gitz Battletome.

Rules Changes

  • The Champion for a player’s Warband is the custom one they created in Step 1.
  • Use the following table instead of the Champion Table in your warband’s Battletome to determine your initial followers:
Lone Champion4 units
Champion with Minor Beast4 units
Champion on Mounted Beast4 units
Champion on Gargantuan Beast2 units

To War!

Having created your champion and warband, you can now fight battles with them against other warbands taking part in the campaign. You can fight battles as and when you wish, and can use any of the battleplans available for Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

The units you use for a game must be those on your Warband Roster. Units can either be fielded at their full roster strength, or broken down into smaller units, as long as no unit is smaller than the minimum size shown on its warscroll.

Any casualties suffered by a warband are assumed to have been replaced in time for its next battle. If your champion is slain in a battle, it is assumed that they were merely injured, and they are back to full strength for your next game, thirst for vengeance!

Gaining Glory

Glory Points are acquired as detailed in the Path to Glory campaign rules for your warband’s allegiance.

Gaining Destiny

After each battle if your champion is undefeated, roll a D3 and receive that many Destiny Points to spend on improving your champion. If your champion was defeated you recieve 1 Destiny Point to spend instead.

Track spent and unspent Destiny Points on your warband roster.

Rewards of Battle

Use the reward tables detailed in the Path to Glory rules for your warband’s allegiance.

Glorious Destiny

There are three ways to win a Path of Anvils campaign: by Blood, by Might, or by Destiny. To win by Blood your warband must be the first to have 10 Glory Points. To win by Might your warband must have at least 5 additional units of followers. To win by Destiny your champion must have at least 40 Destiny Points spent on them. In any case you must then fight and win one more battle to win the campaign. If the next battle you fight is tied or lost, you do not recieve any Glory Points or Destiny Points – just keep on fighting battles until you either win the campaign… or another player wins first!

You can shorten or lengthen a campaign by lowering or raising the points needed to win by Blood, Might or Destiny. Players can also decide to have one victory condition to focus the campaign.



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Image credit – Ketka & Games Workshop


  • 19th July 2020
    • Cleaned up some of the Rules Changes wording
    • Added more descriptive content to give players a better idea of how the campaign works.
    • Added a downloadable PDF version of the rules.

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