Painting Scenery – Hobby Progress 31/07/19

I decided on a change of pace for my next painting project. Something with less pressure that I would be ok with if it didn’t turn out perfect. So I pulled out my Azyrite Ruins that came with my Realm of Battle: Blasted Hallowheart board and painted them following this Warhammer TV painting guide:

It was all going well until the last step, mixing Mournfang Brown with Lahmian Medium to create a wash, applying it to the ruins, and then wiping it off to get a weathered effect. It went everywhere, my mix ratio was off and the tissues I used were to thin and kept breaking apart. So the final effect on my ruins is a lot darker than on Duncan’s.

It was my first time using Lahmian Medium in this way but I’m actually quite happy with the final result. My ruins have a unique feel to them, they’re sun baked on top of being weathered. Let’s just hope that I can replicate the process when I get another set of ruins down the line. A long term goal is to fill my Blasted Hallowheart with scenery. A couple more ruins sets should get me well on my way to doing that.

No matter the final quality of the ruins it has been good practice for my next scenery project: painting the terrain in the Warcry Starter Set. (Soon, soon it shall be mine!) The painting guide for which uses a similar Lahmian Medium based washing technique.

In the meantime I’m challenging myself to paint up my backlog of Endless Spells before I get my copy of Warcry. I’ve got the Nighthaunt Set and the ones from Forbidden Power primed and ready to paint.

I’ll be using a mix of Contrast and traditional paints. Similar to my ruins painting, this is going to be quick and dirty because I’m not to precious about messing these up.

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