I actually finished some stuff! – Hobby Progress 28/5/19

The past couple of weeks of my Warhammer time have been very productive. I’ve been going through one of those periods of lighting focus on all things Warhammer. Which has meant me actually finishing multiple things which makes a nice change from my usual slow and steady pace. The current productivity boom has culminated in the above photo which I put together as part of my submission to the photography club where I work. The theme for the month was “Toys and War” so I naturally gravitated to the best toys I own that are all about war.

That’s not all I got finished though!

My first achievement was getting the contents of my Looncurse box fully assembled and ready to be primed. For the Gloomspite Gitz I will be using the more traditional layered painting method so that they match with the rest of my growing grot army. I am holding off spraying the Sylvaneth for now because I want them to be my toe dip into the upcoming Contrast paints range which looks like pure witchcraft to me at the moment. I figured some nice models with lots of corners and detail would be a good starting point to sample the newest paints from Citadel.

Next was painting my Ophidian Archway which I’ve had for 3+ years at this point. The push to paint it came from the work photography club. I needed something to have in the background of the shot and some finely painted scenery would do the trick.

It is the first big piece of scenery I have ever painted and the relative ease and quick turn around for it has got me excited to get and paint more. So yay!

Finally I finished up my Stabbas that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I really like the end result and I’m happy with the overall colour scheme that I came up with. Purple, Blue and Yellow seem to work well together so it will be seeing more use across my army. Here’s fancier Instagram-ified pic of my loveable Grots.

Finally here are some test shots I did for my photography club submission before I settled on the final framing and layout of the scene.

It is the first time I’ve photographed my miniatures in this way. It was a really interesting process and I will be revisiting it again in the future once I have some more miniatures and scenery painted up. It feels like it could be a good end goal to have for bigger projects.

As for making the image itself because I throw all my money at plastic army men I don’t have a fancy camera or lighting set up. So instead of using professional equipment I settled with:

  • My iPhone 6+ camera with a manual camera app (Halide).
  • The adjustable lamp I use for painting with some tracing paper sellotaped to it (to diffuse the light).
  • Changing the colour on the Phillips Hue lights that are the main lighting source in that room of my house.
  • My hand to create the shadows and light beams.
  • Lightroom for iPad to edit the photo.

Despite the poor-mans-photographer approach, I am really happy with the final results. It is a great way to show off my miniatures in a way that sets them apart from the usual Painting Warhammer posts you see around the internet.

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