Bishop’s Stumblers Vs Deadicated Few

Nuffle wasn’t really on my side on Tuesday. The Deadicated Few travelled to the Bishop’s Stumblers home turf and ended up beating my dwarves 0-4. It is was interesting going up against an Undead team because they share a few similarities with Dwarves. They are mostly slow, have low agility and tend to favour hitting things until they stop moving. A match made in heaven.

Normally I’d be happy to lose one or two of my players as I’d likely take out the same amount or more from my opponent. Which happened last night, but the undead have an ace up their sleeve, Regeneration. A pesky skill that has a chance of negating casualties on players. A skill that worked overtime last night to keep the undead horde on the pitch and whittling down my numbers until I had a measly four dwarves on the pitch by the end of the game. Lack of players, some bad luck and as usual some silly decisions on my part all coalesced into a fun game with a bad outcome for me at least.

That’s two games played at home with both of them being losses but there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is clear to me now that my defensive play is lacking so that’s something I need to work on ahead of my next match. Long term plans are to get the Deathroller levelled up and give him Block so he is a bit more….robust on the pitch. I managed to have him on the pitch for two drives and he did an admiral job. I’ve definitely learned that initial placement is key for him and that I should delay rolling his blocks until the back half of my turn. Never assume that rolling three block dice is going to be a success! It pretty much cost me the opportunity to claw back victory from the jaws of defeat against the Deadicated Few.

Also I really need to get out of the Blood Bowl II video game head space a bit more. I didn’t realise how much automation of things it does and it has sort of skewed how I approach the moves I make in the IRL game. The first changes I’ve made to my save file is to up the difficulty of the AI to max and swap displaying dice percentages for showing target values instead. Two things which will hopefully help hone my skills a bit more.

Hopefully I’ll be able to win a game or two soon otherwise the Bishop’s Stumblers will have a very tough time in the rest of the league.

Anyway onto the lore!

Match Report from local Dwarven newspaper, The Daily Grudge

Written by Blood Bowl Editor, Dronrir Cooltale

The fans of the Bishop’s Stumblers left another game with mixed emotions last night after the Deadicated Few shambled onto the pitch and wrecked havoc. The fans were delighted by the levels of violence on display from both teams. Which saw many an injury with lots of blood, gore and what looks like brain matter being left on the pitch when all was said and done. However the distinct lack of touchdowns by the Stumblers is the cause of the home fans conflicted emotions. Letting the odd touchdown through every now and then is part of the Dwarf Playbook but four with no hope of equalising the score? The Stumblers need to get their act together.

The losses for the Stumblers do not stop at the end zone. Fan favourite Troll Slayer, Sormik Grudgefists and Runner, Kronog Slowflow have to miss the next game due to injury. With Grudgefist’s injury looking particularly nasty thanks to a horrific and amazing to watch stab with a hidden knife from undead star player for hire Sinnedbad. There was blood EVERYWHERE! Rookie Blocker, Dwifi Loudhand also suffered an almighty blow to the head from a mummy which may cause him some trouble in future games. I tried to get a statement from him after the match but let us just say that it does not look like he is all there anymore.

Thankfully Blitzers, Uldarn Battleshaper and Yruhdrol Kragpunch continued to prove their worth with Battleshaper inflicting multiple injuries on the Deadicated Few. Even managing to cripple the Deadicated Few’s start Wight, Stephen Bonedry who will be missing his next game while he tries to re-attach a limb or two. Kragpunch on the other hand managed to do what the Stumbler’s Runners could not. Pick up the ball and successfully pass it!

The moment things went downhill for the Stumblers

The shocking display by Runners, Slowflow and team captain, Grom Commonforged have got many Stumblers fans questioning if hiring halfling Head Coach, Crukal Milltall of Many Spells* was the right decision for the team. His unorthodox training style may have worked well for the them during their last season in the Dwarf League but in the big wide world of the Dragon Bowl League it is so far proving to be more of a hindrance than a boon.

This reporter hopes that this is just the Bishop’s Stumblers adjusting to playing non-dwarf teams who refuse to play the great game properly. Only time will tell. At least the Stumblers are building a reputation for maiming and mayhem which really when you look at it is a true victory for a dwarf team.

*From my investigating there is no evidence that Crukal Milltall knows any spells let alone many of them.

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