So I’ve joined a Blood Bowl League

The league format

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks! Not only did I finally attend a London Warhammer Gaming Guild session to play my first full game of Age of Sigmar. (I lost but will do better next time!) I also managed to sneak into this year’s Blood Bowl, Dragon Bowl League in a last minute spot opening.

Blood Bowl is perhaps my favourite Games Workshop product. It has a certain charm to it and once it gets you it is hard to shake it off. The hay day of the 3rd Edition happened when I was the perfect age and since then it is a game that has stuck with me like no other. Now that it has been brought back into the fold by GW for the past couple of years it felt right to try giving the gaming scene for it a go while also pursuing Age of Sigmar. With the London Warhammer Gaming Guild the Dragon Bowl League I seem to have stumbled upon a best case scenario because it is a league and group that caters to all tastes.

It focuses on fun social play and everyone I have met through it so far has been friendly and helpful. Up til now I’ve only ever played small leagues amongst friends with six or so teams max. The DBL has multiple divisions, sub-divisions and more teams than you can shake a stick at. There are a lot of people taking part which means I will be seeing my team grow and change organically as I seek fortune and glory on the pitch. There is also one crucial ingredient that ties it altogether for me, lore.

The Dragon Bowl League has its own lore! After running a league for a few years you get your established coaches, rivalries and all that but the DBL also has a in-universe newsletter and rules-pack to keep everyone up to date and on the same page regarding the rules and happenings. It is great! It also shows a level of passion for this weird game that I have never seen before and it is infectious.

So what team am I running with?

The team logo was made with lots of help from my wife!

Being the sort of person I am and never doing something the easy way I have opted to coach a team of Dwarves called the Bishop’s Stumblers. Dwarves can be tricky to play as in Blood Bowl because while being a good bash heavy race they only really work well when backing each other up. Their downsides included a reduced Movement Allowance (due to their height!) and reduced Agility (due to their girth!). I’ve always loved the madcap nature of Blood Bowl Dwarves though. They’re wild and often unpredictable, also from past experience they can be built up into a deadly force that can quickly gain control of the pitch, if Nuffle is on your side of course. They can also field Deathrollers and how can you not love a glorified steamroller built for the express purpose of crushing opposing players?

Current team painting progress

I’m already one game into the league which I lost 0-2 due in part to some silly mistakes on my part but I managed to gain some valuable SPP for a few players on my team, level one player up and most importantly kill something. In this case a vampire, which are quite hard to kill properly in Blood Bowl, with one of my Troll Slayers, Sormik Grudgefists. So while I may currently be near the bottom of the overall DBL leader boards I am hoping I have the beginnings of a solid team. I’m not in this to win it overall but if I reach a good final standing in the upper half of the list I will be very happy.

The the league progresses and my team grows I will write updates, doll out my own team lore, share pictures and all that jazz. For now I have my second game tomorrow which I need to prepare for!

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